Sometimes You Just Need to Eat the Cheesecake…And Other Important Truths About Food

Because in the midst of a society consumed by diets and fads, it is easy to lose sight of what is true, good, and beautiful: our bodies and the gifts God has given us. Great post by Emily Stimpson!

The Catholic Table

Let’s talk about food.

I know, that’s what we usually do here. But, I don’t mean, let’s talk about creamy plates of butternut squash risotto…


Or steaming bowls of curried sweet potato soup…


(Both recipes of mine featured in last month’s issue of The Catholic Digest, by the way.)

Instead, I mean, let’s talk about why we care about butternut squash risotto and get all excited about curried sweet potato soup. Why do we cook? Why do we eat? Why do we spend so much time, money, and energy fretting our little heads about food?

My Facebook feed has the answer. Or, rather, it thinks it does.

We’re currently approaching the high holidays of eating, so almost daily, one friend or another, making an attempt at preventative virtue, posts about their new diet and the philosophy of food behind it: “I eat for energy”; “I’m eating clean”; “I’m eating like…

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