Why the long face?

Praying. Ceaseless words.

Intentions, pleadings, and tears.

In conversation.

Rant, as to a friend.

Presenting each one of my needs,

As to a father.

Constantly searching.

Waiting for His calm response.

Mouth ever moving.

“How can you hear Me,

If you’re never listening?”

He whispers softly.

My mind too distant.

Thinking only of myself,

His reply unheard.

Alone in my bed,

Rest finally beginning.

Darkness  takes my mind.

“Why can’t I feel you?”

The question leaving my mouth,

Echoes on the walls.

Again He is soft

As He is beckoning me,

“Remember these words:

‘I have loved you.’

As in Malachi you read,

True are they for you.

Forgetting them not,

You must remain at My side.

Greatness is your call.

Your feelings will go,

Yet you must choose Me daily.

Trusting in My ways.

They’re higher than yours;

Persevere, stay the course,

Each day win the race.

For I promise you,

My Word being ever-true,

Blessings lie ahead.

Just give Me your hand,

Leave each detail to My plan,

Asking for the grace.

So sleep well tonight,

My beloved, close your eyes,

For your hand is in Mine.”

The answer was heard,

A heart was given its peace,

Rest washed over me.


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