Living Sacrifice

Lord God I ask to be worthy
to be molded, fashioned, healed, and holy.
Because my soul it waits to be set free,
from the chains and burdens that cling to me.

Teach me, dear Mother, how to love with purity of heart,
bringing to light all I’ve kept in the dark.
I beg to be placed in the warmth of Your womb.
And for Your Son to hide my heart in the depth of His wounds.

For my heart it longs for passion and flame.
A love that burns away the pain,
of lies, blemishes, faults, and sins,
from my life before I knew the King.

I dream of a kiss that makes me weak in the knees,
because it replaces all of my memories.
Of the lips that had met mine before,
from the years I hid in the chains I wore.

My hands they yearn to hold only Good:
my husband, children, and the Truth of Your Word.
For no matter my past and the life I lived,
I will follow the glorious path only Your Son can give.

I will cling to this promise of new life and peace,
awaiting Your gift, hoping for relief.
Because I know in Your timing I will finally see,
Your face in the gift of my family.

Until then all I can do is wait,
pray, fast, and attempt to replicate
the mercy, compassion, and love You’ve shown me,
because for the first time I’ve been set free.


2 thoughts on “Living Sacrifice

  1. Dear unchained one, what you wrote is as beautiful as you are! You write “deep” words that tell of a deep love of God and trust in Him. I look forward to reading these words again. Always your words minister to me, to my heart. I continue to pray for you. Plz continue to pray for me as I seek to follow the Will of God. Iloveyou, God bless you. Amen.


  2. Wow!! An amazing and beautiful verse. You write so well. Happy birf day sweetie. Missing you soooo much and look forward to speaking with you mañana . We love you and pray for your peace , health and well being. Xoxoxo

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