“Let us return to our first love”


wpid-wp-1404794103158.jpegI am surprised by my lack of ability to produce words that adequately describe my feelings that I have experienced over the past three weeks. I have felt supreme happiness seeing familiar faces and great friends, I have felt sadness when I missed milestones of my friends and family back home, and I have felt challenged to grow spiritually and to deepen my relationship with the Lord. These past few weeks have been a source of renewal and refreshment, as well as a calling on to return to the main objective/our main purpose for being here.


Our trip to the Philippines was more than just a vacation or a time to renew our visas, it was the opportune time for the Lord to pull us away from our routine and reveal where He desires to continually work on us, where we still have walls surrounding our hearts, and how He desires to work through us in our posts. I also found that this time was beneficial for my healing of memories that I have pushed into the far recesses of my mind and allow them to be flooded with Christ’s Glorious Light. So although I struggled with understanding why the Lord allowed such suffering to occur in my life, I realize that He did not will for me to sin or to fall victim to sin, but rather, because of my willingness, has used these past experiences and struggles for my betterment and beautification. That is why I am here in China. That is why He has gifted me with Little Flower. He needed to pull me thousands of miles away from familiarity and force me to cling only to Him.

Please pray for me, my friends here that I am working with, and all of my ‘coworkers’ across the world. I thank them for calling me on to truly live Gospel poverty and to embrace all of our charisms. I thank the Lord for the many friends that He has given me and for all who support me and the work here. I love you all and hope that Christ may allow our paths to cross again soon. wpid-wp-1404793964508.jpeg



2 thoughts on ““Let us return to our first love”

  1. Dear one, I place you all under the Mantle of Our Lady – next to Her – just like you hold the babies – that you may receive from Her graces to be open hearts and to fulfill the Living, Loving Will of God. Amen.


  2. Your words and reminders are the nourishment I need to remember to let God take over. You are so beautiful and I am so thankful you are here in this world to help me grow in my faith. Miss you! Love and hugs.


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