To be vulnerable

Yesterday I was struck by the beauty and depth of this song, Eyes of the Lord. At first, I assumed it was the piano that drew my attention and caught my interest. Then, after reviewing the lyrics, I realized that its message was singing Truth into my heart and into my relationship with Christ.

As I sat before the blessed Sacrament, I could feel my thoughts running wild with events of the day, plans for the future, and memories of people and places that seem to be forever engrained in my heart and mind. I felt almost robotic as I said prayers and looked through all of my Catholic apps on my phone. Where are You, Lord? Why am I distant as You sit before me, exposed, staring at me in the face? It was only until I opened my bible and began to read, that God’s reply became clear. I found my answer in Genesis, chapter 3. (In very brief summation, this is the part of the creation story where the serpent comes to tempt Eve, she and Adam eat of the fruit, discover their nudity, hide from the Lord in their shame, and receive just consequences from their actions to mistrust God in His Goodness.)

Immediately through the reading of these words, God revealed to me that I was the one who was hiding from Him. As a sinner from conception, I am covered in wounds that I inflicted on myself and ones that were given to me by others. You, too, are covered in these wounds. This pain is kept within ourselves and hidden from all. In fact, if we were to bear the marks of every insult, sinful decision, and pain on our flesh from birth to the present we would reveal a body that looks very similar to that of the scourged Christ. Can you imagine it? Being covered head to toe in our wounds from this life? The image is gruesome. So gruesome, in fact, that I find myself attempting to bind my own wounds in fear of being seen as broken as I feel. When, instead, I should come to the Lord, in my wounded nakedness, allowing Him to heal me.

I am this fallen Adam and Eve. WE are this fallen Adam and Eve. Jesus is not ignorant of our sins, our pain, or our suffering. He was there as we endured each and every beating. He watched as we chose to hurt ourselves and He heard every painful cry in our hearts. Jesus longs to heal you, He just asks us to trust in Him and His goodness.This Lent bring yourself to the only One who may heal you. Show Him your wounds, bring them to His healing light, and let Him transform your life and heart. I pray to have the courage to expose myself to the Lord with every wound, every fear, and every anxiety so that I may be redeemed with Him on the cross.

Let the Lord show you what you may be hiding from Him; areas of yourself where He longs to live.


One thought on “To be vulnerable

  1. Thank you for these words of yours that arrive as Lent begins. I ask God to open my heart that I may give Him all He desires from me.


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