Just a few of my favorite things

Felt the need to share some of the highlights of Beijing so far. We have met countless wonderful people and experienced many new and exciting things. This month will be stock-full of new adventures. We are receiving some Franciscan visitors from the States (YAY), going to the Great Wall, heading down south to make a few more friends, popping into Hong Kong for our visas, visiting a leper colony (NO WORDS, SO EXCITED!), and seeing the site where St Francis Xavier died!! God is so good! Pray for us and our safe travels. Let us meet everyone our Lord desires!


2 thoughts on “Just a few of my favorite things

  1. I’ve just spent some moments looking back over the messages you’ve sent and I thank you for sharing the Love of God as it is flowing into your life and then through you into the lives of others. Two words come to my heart to describe it all: Grace and Mercy.
    I had been through an arduous time spiritually and you sent the Litany of Humility. The next day I was given this Litany as penance in confession. Thank you for preparing the way for me.
    Mary is precious and as her Spiritual Mother, you prepared the way for her also by baptizing her.
    I pray for you daily and please pray for me that my heart may be open to God’s will. I send my love.


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