My cup overflows

Yesterday was one of the most beautiful and heart wrenching experiences of my life. When I was working in the baby home, I was called into the preemie room to the bedside of the first baby I had grown to love here. I walked into the room, my heart in my throat, knowing that her health was failing and fought the urge to break down and cry at the sight of her pained breaths.

My friend was kneeling by her side with the holy water in a medicine cup, waiting for me to begin. Immediately I begged the Holy Spirit to take over my mouth and body as I recalled the proper way to perform a baptism. As I prayed over her I could feel this warmth encapsulating my body and I could hear my ‘coworker’s’ voices echoing mine. At 1:20pm, In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Mary became a Christian.

As I walked away, my eyes filled with tears, I was flooded with an immense joy knowing what had been done for her and how I had quite literally become an instrument for the Lord. Precious little Mary was abandoned at birth but was always part of God’s plan; she was loved at her first heartbeat and adored at her first breath. Countless hours of holding her close to my heart and singing into her ear could never even come close to the Father’s love for her.

I beg you all to pray for this little one as she battles pneumonia and other complications. May Christ  give her comfort and peace.



4 thoughts on “My cup overflows

  1. I’ve got tears and all kinds of liquids flowing from my face. You ARE an instrument of God’s amazing love. I thank you for your words helping me through my daily life struggles. I need reminding that God is first and that His love and mercy will strengthen me. I love you dear one. You are doing amazing work!


  2. How beautiful! I discovered your blog through FMC. My husband, kids and I will join a Come & See this year as we discern a calling to foreign missions. This article touched my heart and prompted me to ask if these precious ones you care for will be adopted at some point? I will pray for them and for you as you carry the love of Jesus to these dear ones. God bless you!
    In Christ,
    Andrea MacKenzie


    1. Andrea, yes these little ones all come from orphanges and receive medical treatment at our facility. This significantly increases their chances for adoption and becoming a member of a loving family. I wish I could take them all home!! 🙂

      I will pray for you and your family and your discernment. May God give you clarity and peace in your upcoming decisions!


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