To Whom Do You Belong?

To whom do I belong? This question was posed to me during a bible study reflection of the Gospel of Matthew’s genealogy of Jesus. I discovered that the genealogy was meant to give Matthew’s target audience an idea of Christ’s relation to them and their people. It was meant to tie Him to their king, David, and to make them understand that He was both within their bloodlines and the Son of their Lord. Since I normally find myself skimming the genealogies with the difficult-to-pronounce names found in scripture, taking the time during this study to break them down was uncharted territory for me and actually quite beautiful.

These words, “To whom do you belong”, rang in my ears as I contemplated the question. After looking up the word ‘belong’ in the dictionary, I found that two definitions seemed to fit:
1. to be the property of a person or thing
2. to be attached or bound by birth, allegiance, or dependency

Based on these definitions, how would I respond to such a question? As a single woman, I am not the property of another, and being past the age of dependence on my parents or guardians, I find that I am not reliant on their provisions in my life. Instead, I feel an ache within my core that longs to answer this question with one simple sentence: I belong to the Lord.

I am bound to the Father through my Baptism, I depend on Him to provide for my every need, and I have gifted myself to Him to be remade into something beautiful, into someone who reflects His light and love. But to belong to Jesus requires more than words typed into a blog. It requires me to live as His daughter, to be worthy to be His property, to be bound to His good name.

Each day here is a gift. Every breath is a gift. Every baby I hold, every reception of the Eucharist, and every life I encounter from lifting my head from my pillow to setting it down at night, is a gift. The Lord blesses me beyond measure each and every day in ways I can acknowledge, and in ways invisible to my eyes. How could I ever repay Him? By living every moment gratefully and loving Him in return.

This Valentine’s Day I will find my heart searching for the One that holds me safely in His arms with no intention of ever letting go. Finally I will let my heart rest in His safety knowing that I belong to Him, and to Him alone.


To anyone who would like a great read from a blog I stumbled upon, please click this link below. Every man and woman should read this and pass it along! Beautiful words and a beautiful message. May God make me holy enough to be worthy of my saintly future husband!


One thought on “To Whom Do You Belong?

  1. I love seeing you with the sweet baby, all warm and cozy. I hope you have enough stretchy shirts! Thank you for sharing your love story with me every week. I love and miss you! JB


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